About us

Our Mission

"Abdulla Zayed Capitals LLC aims to target growth that creates value for shareholders in carefully identified niche sectors. We pride ourselves on discerning and long lasting investments through a process-driven selection criteria."

The firm aims to target sound investments within growing markets and industries with a focus on generating steady income streams and building long lasting relationships with institutions that complement and share the Abdulla Zayed Capitals LLC vision.

Our Objectives

The strategic objectives of Abdulla Zayed Capitals LLC can be summarized as follows:

  • Operate with a focus on generating long term capital growth to shareholders and potential investors by process driven screening and identifying discerning investment opportunities.

  • Add value to the economy through a commitment to the environment and society.

  • Participating in the most promising local and regional opportunities.

  • Build a diversified portfolio of investments that adds value to the economy, promotes economic growth and generates income.

  • Provide value added advisory services to investors seeking sound advice on investment opportunities.